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Class/No:Uc 805Type:Uc-3
TMS Type/No:UC 191Purpose:Tank Wagon
Year:1928Condition:Steel Body
Distributed Load:Tare:8000 kg
Notes:Built for Vaccum Oil Co. (NI)
Wagon Text:CAP 23000 LT, 70 kph, Max Gross 44000 kg

UC191 was born as UC805 in 1924 in a batch of 13 other UC’s. They originally came with one of three bogies 3181, X25467 or X25340 and had 8″x4-1/2″ plain bearings. UC wagons were swapped to X25830 bogies between 1967-69 and then converted to ‘B’ package roller bearings from around 1980.

UC191 is 7 years older than Wab794. It is fitted with a petrol generator and electric water pump. A bespoke controller starts and stops the generator and pump when water is needed in the Wab’s tanks. The Wab has a sister controller that commands the UC to pump water when required.
It also has an electric water tank gauge in the Wab and UC. A set of red lights flash on the water tank when the tank is about to overflow during filling.

Check out UC191 restoration

The UC Tank Wagon.
28 December 2002
The UC Tank Wagon with updated signage and tool boxes.
8 July 2008
8 July 2008
Other side of Uc191.
8 July 2008