28 Gladstone Street, Feilding New Zealand
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Our Depot

Location: 28 Gladstone Street, Feilding

Becoming a Volunteer

At Feilding and District Steam Rail there are a number of ways to help us from being a member to helping out, its upto you.  Volunteering is a great way to use a skill you already have or gain new ones. We are always looking for volunteers to help in the various roles we have.

• Steel fabrication / welding
• Woodwork
• Cutting fire wood
• Painting
• Plumbing
• Face painting
• Catering
• Machining
• Mechanic
• Electricians

• Washing windows
• Cleaning
• Office work
• Website management IT
• Hospitality
• Accounting
• Visual design
• Hi-ab operator
• Railway workers

We need your help to keep the steam alive through the veins of the young and old.
Keep the coal burning bright and keep it full steam ahead.
This Society runs from the help of volunteers

Feilding and District Steam Rail Society also requires volunteers on our excursions for roles such as locomotive servicing crew, excursion management, hospitality and customer service.
Our Depot is usually open Wednesdays and Saturday. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or would like more information on volunteer positions with us, please contact one of our club contacts or email public-relations@steamrail.nz

Disclaimer: We welcome any age and any gender to join our team. For Health and Safety at our depot, if you have a disability or impairment that means you require supervision or are under the age of 14, Feilding and District Steam Rail Society requires that a parent, caregiver or other suitably qualified adult to accompany you.

If you want to visit us for a personal touch, you are welcome to visit us at the depot, every Saturday morning from 9:30am to 12 noon.
Please report to the office or smoko room so we know you are around, as we have shunting movements around the yards.
Group Tours can also be made by arrangement by contacting the General Manager or Public relations.

To become a member please complete our membership form.