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Restoration and upgrades

The intention is to use this UC on trips because the Wab does not have a lot of water storage in its side tanks. This will allow us to run for a longer time without the need to stop for water. The committee looked at many UC tank wagons that were for sale before purchasing …

Dsa227 – Technical Information

Class No: Dsa 227 TMS No: DSA 320 Maker No: 2425/D174 Built: 1953 by Drewry/Vulcan Configuration: 0-6-0 Gauge: 3ft 6in (1067mm) Cylinders: 8

23 March 2002

The DSA was purchased with a few faults. The major fault was that the gearbox was always stuck in 5th gear. We did a bit of research and found that the gearbox was made by the Self Changing Gears Company (SCG). SCG was owned by the Wilson family and sometimes the gearbox is referred to …


DSA class locomotive was a type of 0-6-0DM diesel-mechanical locomotives built by three different manufacturers: W. G. Bagnall, Hunslet, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Vulcan Foundry for the Drewry Car Co. They were built between 1953 and 1967 Following on from the success of the initial batch of DS class 0-6-0DM shunting locomotives, NZR management decided to acquire further locomotives of this type. These locomotives …

Locomotive working platform

To work safely on our locomotives we have created a work platform around on of the roads in our loco shed.

Da1401 Maintenance

21 November 2005This GM Diesel loco is in running order. The only task is to keep the batteries in good order by keeping them charged and running the loco in the yard. We have no dates on when this DA will be run on the mainline, as we first need a fleet of carriages to …


This was the first Da to be used in revenue service with the NZR in 1955. It entered service on 23rd of August 1955. It was converted to Daa1401 for use at Te Rapa hump yards in 1971. This involved fitting a low-speed reostat control, which could be cut-out when mainline speeds were required, This …

Da1401 Arrives at Feilding

On the 11th of December 2005, Da1401 moved to the Feilding and Districts Steam Rail depot.

Da1401 – Technical Information

Class No: Da 1401 TMS No: DAA 28 Maker No: A791 Built: 1955 by General Motors Wheel Arrgt: A1A-A1A with EMD “flexi-coil” truck Driving Wheel Dia: 40 inches Idler Wheel Dia: 33 inches Engine: EMD 12-567C Horsepower (engine): 1425hp at 835 rpm Horsepower (traction): 1310hp (input to main generator) Main Generator: EMD D12 Traction Motors: …